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AGRANA acquits itself well in difficult 2007|08 financial year

In the completed 2007|08 financial year the AGRANA Group sustained its growth trajectory in the Starch and Fruit segments despite difficult conditions in raw material procurement


Pokračujeme vo výrobe repného cukru na Slovensku. (Tlačové vyhlásenie)

SLOVENSKÉ CUKROVARY, s.r.o. potvrdzujú svoju stratégiu: „Pokračujeme vo výrobe repného cukru na Slovensku.“Bratislava, marec 2008 - Slovenské cukrovary s.r.o., Sereď, člen skupiny AGRANA, potvrdzujú svoje plány na zachovanie dlhodobej výroby cukru vo svojom výrobnom závode…

AGRANA - Revenue up 3% - operating profit of € 87.4 million in the first three quarters of 2007|08

Third-quarter operating profit (after exceptionals) at last year’s level


AGRANA expanded by 52.9 per cent in the 2005|06 financial year

The AGRANA Group attained revenue growth of 52.9 per cent to € 1,499.6 million in the 2005|06 financial year (1 March 2005 through 28 February 2006), as against € 981.0 million in 2004|05.


AGRANA Closes the 2004/05 Financial Year with Outstanding Results

As CEO Hans Marihart announced at today’s press conference to present the balance sheet in Vienna, “The AGRANA Group achieved its best-ever consolidated results during the 2004/05 financial year, recording sharp growth in both revenues and profits

AGRANA closes the 2001/02 Financial Year with Outstanding Results