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AGRANA confers promotion award for science and research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

Date: 25.10.2023

AGRANA today conferred its research promotion award at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Norbert Harringer, management board member at AGRANA responsible for production, commodity procurement and sustainability, handed over the research promotion award to Hermine Mitter and Florian Grassauer.

Hermine Mitter received AGRANA’s award for her post-doctoral work on the relationships between revised agricultural practices and both climatic as well as socio-economic changes. These changes have direct and indirect impacts on agricultural production and therefore promote changes in agricultural practices. These in turn can have local and global effects on the climate and socio-economic conditions. The analyses performed by Hermine Mitter provide an improved understanding of these relationships in order to promote step-by-step changes in agricultural practices as a basis for supporting sustainable and robust agricultural development in the coming decades.

Florian Grassauer received the AGRANA research promotion award for his research into evaluating the eco-efficiency of agricultural producers. His innovative eco-efficiency concept compares the output factors of food production, biodiversity and agricultural revenues with the related environmental impacts.

“The partnership with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and granting this research promotion award – for the 25th time in succession this year – are very important to us at AGRANA. We warmly congratulate both winners. As a company which processes agricultural materials, we particularly want to support research work in the areas of agricultural economics and food sciences which are relevant for us,” highlights Norbert Harringer.

Caption: (from left to right) BOKU Vice Rector Christian Obinger, BOKU scientist Klaus Salhofer, AGRANA CTO Norbert Harringer, award recipients Hermine Mitter and Florian Grassauer, BOKU scientist Wilhelm Knaus, BOKU Rector Eva Schulev-Steindl (image copyright: BOKU | Christoph Gruber)