AGRANA in Slovakia

A pioneer in sugar

Sugar has traditionally been our core business: We produce sugar at one production site in Slovakia.

In total, we produce sugar at nine facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is here that we process sugar beet from contract growers and refine raw sugar sourced from around the world.

Slovenské cukrovary, s.r.o

Production site

The company Slovenské cukrovary, s.r.o. has the capacity to produce around 56.000 – 60.000 tons of sugar from approximately 420.000 tons of sugar beet during one campaign.



History of sugar production in the town of Sereď started in the premises of current plant Kávoviny, as early as in 1844. Its founder was count Esterházy. Widow Seeber, a citizen of Vienna, bought it from him. Production terminated in 1856, probably due to financial and competitive reasons. Dissatisfaction of country gentlemen with the price for delivered sugar beet led to the decision to establish their own sugar factory in the town of Sereď. "The Agricultural Sugar Factory, joint stock company" was officially established at the constitutive meeting of the company on 23 January 1907. First it was built only as "raw sugar factory", which meant that it could not produce refined sugar, but only raw sugar. The first campaign was held as early as the following year. The sugar factory became a member of the Sugar Cartel, which enabled the factory to place the raw sugar at the world market in a more favourable way.


In 1910, approximately one third of shares was bought by Dr. Lieben from Vienna, another part appeared in the hands of owners of company Eisler & Szold Horné Saliby. The rest was bought by Hungarian Eskompt bank from Budapest, which became also the financing bank


In 1913, the Budapest bank managed to acquire a share of the bank house of Dr. Lieben and thus became owner of more than a half of shares. Exclusive owner of the sugar factory was company Eisler & Szold under the popular name Economic Sugar Factory, stock company in Sereď on 1 November 1918.  


The factory was nationalized by a regulation of the Ministry of Food Industry of 9 January 1946 No 26/1946.


On 20 January 1948, the national enterprise Economic Sugar Factory was established in Sereď by a regulation of the Ministry of Food Industry No 202.


In 1948, on 3 July, a new national enterprise Joint Sugar Factory with its place of business in Sereď was established by a regulation of the Ministry of Food Industry. The Economic Sugar Factory in Sereď, sugar factory in Sládkovičkovo and Vlčkovce were included in it as plants.


From 1 July 1960 until 31 December 1968, the sugar factory belonged to the national enterprise Joint Sugar factory Trnava. Vlčkovce was detached since 1 July 1960, Kávoviny operated within the sugar factory since 1 January 1955 and was detached on 1 October 1961. The sugar beet industry OR Trnava was created.


The national enterprise Sugar Factory Sereď was founded from 1 January 1969 – 31 December 1973. Sereď


From 1 January 1974 – 31 December 1985 the national enterprise Sugar Factory and Kávoviny. Sereď


1 January 1986 – 30 June1988 The Sugar factory Sereď. The factory Kávoviny was detached from the sugar factory and associated with Pečivárne Sereď


1 January 1986 – 30 June1988 The Sugar factory Sereď. The factory Kávoviny was detached from the sugar factory and associated with Pečivárne Sereď


30 September 1990, Sugar factory, k.p. Sereď

1 October 1990 – 30 April1992, the national enterprise Sugar factory Sereď.


1 May 1992, joint stock company - Sereď sugar factory, a.s.


Joint stock company - Sugar factory Nova, a.s., Sereď. Accession of a new owner - Agrana, Austrian sugar beet company


April 2001 – association with the joint stock company Gemercukor a.s., Rimavská Sobota and establishment of the joint stock company Slovenské cukrovary a.s., Rimavská Sobota


19 May 2006 – change of legal form and registered office to Slovenské cukrovary s.r.o., with its registered office in Sereď


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